Your hardwood floor needs a “face-lift”? We have your back.

You already have the hardwood floor, but it’s been almost a decade since its moments of glory. It’s color faded, there are scratches where your office chair is and even under the couch. It’s definitely time for a sanding a refinishing. Let us know exactly what you need and we'll make sure to take care of all your needs right away, in a professional manner, with last generation tools and equipment, without you having to worry about anything.  If your floor is damaged, stained or has wax over the finish, you’ll need to sand to bare wood. No matter what you need we are the right team to do it.


The first step towards sanding your hardwood floor is to clear the work area of all furniture, drapes, pictures, register covers and even the doors. The area needs to be completely empty of everything in order for us to be able to proceed with the sanding. Once the area is emptied out, we can proceed on covering the vents, light fixtures and the doorway with plastic, to avoid the dust get into the rest of the house.

Sanding is on!

We are proud to use the latest models of high end equipment and tools, due to the quality of the work they offer but also for their durability. Florin will do a professional job sanding your hardwood floor. He never skips more than one sandpaper grade in each sanding session. The sanding begins in the farthest corner from the door and it always starts with 30-40 grit sandpaper. No matter how closely to the edge you bring your sanding machine, there will always be a few inches where the machine didn’t reach. For these spaces we have small sanding machines, specially created for edges and corners that will take care of the job and complete the sanding so that 100% of the hardwood floor surfaces is taken care of. After sanding the room’s center, we will sand the edges and corners using one of the power hand sander loaded with the same type of sandpaper, of 30-40 grit.

Once the first pass of sanding is complete, we will vacuum thoroughly with a brush attachment. The next step is to examine the entire harwood surface and fill any gouges or holes using matching wood filler.

The next sending step requires a different sandpaper. We start with the 30-40 grit and then change it to medium 50-60 grit sandpaper and redo the whole surfaces. When this is done, we will vacuum again and then take use a fine 80-100 grit sandpaper that will make the surface really smooth.

Once the sanding operation is completed, we will make sure to properly clean the entire area and wipe the floor with mineral spirits. If staining is not something you wish us to do, the final step is to apply a sealer on the freshly sanded floor.

The floor will be completed in no time and when our work is done, you won’t have to deal with any cleaning. The space will be ready for your furniture to be placed in and you can enjoy your fresh hardwood floor right away.

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