Despite the fact that wood in its natural state has breathtaking beauty, sometimes its natural look doesn’t match the personality and the style within a house. This are the cases when staining comes in. Adding stain to bare or stripped wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern of any interior wood.

Staining is the final part when it comes to a hardwood floor makeover.  We started with the sanding process and now, the hardwood floor is ready for staining.

The choice of color and style is yours. You can either choose to stain it or you can leave the bare wood and only apply a coat of sealer to protect it.

There is a wide variety of hardwood floor colors, textures, styles, and species  that you can chose from. Also you can choose either the pre-finished or the unfinished hardwood floor, depending on your likes and style. This will give you the chance to incorporate the color of your floor into the style of your house and make it match your personality.

For example, if your house is decorated with whites, blues and greys and has a beach theme, maybe a sandy looking floor will look good, but a major effect can be obtained by staining your floor white or even gray.

No matter what your dream floor looks like, we are 100% sure we can make it happen. Just let us take care of it and you’ll love your new floor.

Staining can only be done after sanding the hardwood floor, therefore, before starting the staining process we need to make sure that the hardwood floor is properly cleaned from all the dust left behind from the sanding. Once the surface is cleaned, we can proceed. Applying the stain will be done following the grain of the wood, and making sure that we apply the proper quantity and reach all areas.

After the coat of staining is applied we need to give it enough time to dry properly so we can lightly sand the whole surface again.

Once this last sanding operation is completed, we will apply the second coat of polyurethane.

From the moment the staining is completed, the surface will need at least 24 hours to properly dry, before you can start bringing the furniture back and enjoy the new hardwood floor, but we are positive it will be worth the wait.


Once everything is dry and ready to use, you’ll fall in love with your new hardwood floor and you’ll think about making changes in the rest of the house.


No worries, we are here and we are more than happy to help you. Moreover, we can work within your budget so you don’t have to wait until you have “enough” money to get that floor makeover you were dreaming about since you moved in your new place.

Just give us a call or access our website at for a free estimate and we will be more than happy to have you as our clients.

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