You finally decided to switch the old carpet in your living room with hardwood floor. That is probably one of the best decisions you ever made and there are a few reasons why.


First on the list is the variety of colors, textures, styles, and species  that you can chose from. Also you can choose either the pre-finished or the unfinished hardwood floor, depending on your likes and style.


No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there is always an option for you with hardwood floors.  The second advantage on the list is the low maintenance. Hardwood floors and floor finish are easier to clean and keep clean for a longer period of time, than carpets.


Probably one of the most important advantages of all is the indoor air quality. With hardwood floors the quality of indoor air increases substantially due to the lack of fibers, grout lines or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander and allergens that for sure are to be found in a carpet covered floor. Hardwood floors are the best choice of flooring with allergy sufferers and improve air quality.


Another important pro hardwood characteristic is its ageless quality. When other floors will begin to look tired and worn, your hardwood floors will still look beautiful. And your hardwood floors become more valuable as time goes by. Also keep in mind that unlike carpeting and vinyl, hard wood floors can be refinished rather than replaced when the finish has worn out.

You choose your style, it’s time for a new floor

We guarantee you that you will love you new floor. Choosing us to take care of your floor makeover will prove to be a great thing. You choose the mode, the color, the finish, now it’s time for us to start working on installing the floor so you can enjoy it in no time.


Florin is focused on providing excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


The installation process can be done fast and clean, with last generation equipment and high end tools. You don’t have to worry about spending your time struggling to remove the old carpet. We will do that for you in a minimum of time required, as clean as possible, without any damage to walls or stairs and without interfering with your activities in any other part of the house.


Once the carpet is out and the room cleaned, we will proceed to the installation process, following all the necessary steps to make sure that everything will come out perfect.

When the installation is done your floor is ready for the last touch to have the finish you chose. Depending on the measurements of the surface we work with and the chosen finishes, each job can take between from a couple of days to one week or more (for commercial spaces).

No matter what your choices are, what kind of floor you envision having, we at will always have an option for you and recreate your floor to reflect your personality, style and dreams.

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